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Incontinence Management Coaching

Is Bladder Leakage a Problem?
Do You Want To Reduce Those Accidents ?

One on One Incontinence Management Coaching Assessments
– Teaching - Private Coaching Sessions Incontinence (Inco) is
very common, affecting over thirteen million people in the U.S.
That's 10-35% of adults. What most people don't realize is that
incontinence is a medical problem and that 80% of those with
the problem can be managed. Bette wants to help you take back control of incontinence episodes and to help those with uncontrolled incontinence to manage the problem.

Incontinence does not have to cause you to withdraw from friends and “rob” you of a quality lifestyle. It can be managed and many times reduced or eliminated by following some simple coaching techniques that I have been teaching for years.

  • Breaking Free of the "Inco Prison"
  • Finding The Keys To Success
  • Simple Lifestyle Changes
  • No Medications
  • Help Is Available – Do Not Suffer In Silence
  • Breaking Free


"Facing my third bladder attack, I had resigned myself to becoming an old lady who had to stay home because of incontinency. Then I was introduced to Bette Light, who has become my "Continence Coach." She has taught me exercises to strengthen muscles. She taught me the effects of certain medications and foods that can irritate the bladder. Dropping just one artificial sweetener made a world of positive difference for me. After following Bette's coaching, I cancelled the appointment with the surgeon. I am thankful that I can carry on with my normal activities without worry. " 71-year-old Retired Teacher - May 19, 2010














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